Radiator brackets made in Germany

Clamp mounting for tubular radiators

Clamp mounting for tubular radiators with offset socket edge, varnished, fits RHE drill brackets

  • Benefits

    • The form-fitting tube clasp prevents the tubes from pushing each other apart
    • Damage to the lacquer on the tubular radiator is kept to a minimum
    • If the contact point of the holding elements, e.g. the drill brackets, is not directly in the centre, horizontal warping of the clamping part is effectively prevented through horizontal turning
    • Pressure points on the camping parts ensure a firm grip. This also ensures a firm radiator grip in case of manufacturer-related tolerances on the tubes of the tubular radiators and on the clamping element
    • The special design, especially the back clamping element, also ensures high stability
    • To support the contact surface, the back part of the clamping element contains hanging loops which effectively support the top and bottom plates
  • Measurements and details

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