Radiator brackets made in Germany

Lifting brackets for convectors for finished floors

Lifting brackets for convectors, powder-coated in white, including anti-lifting protection

  • Benefits

    • Suitable for universal use
    • Stable design, entirely out of metal
    • High performance values
    • Simple installation time
    • Includes anti-lifting protection
  • Product features

    • Upper and lower parts powder-coated in white
    • Sound-absorbent
  • Accessories

    • Rosettes 10- 8711
  • Measurements and details

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Max. load F1 [N]Packaging unit [pieces]WeightMeasurement BOrdernumber
1200100.89 kg/Packaging unit7010-8510-70
1200101.06 kg/Packaging unit15010-8510-150
1200101.11 kg/Packaging unit23010-8510-230
1200101.19 kg/Packaging unit31010-8510-310