Radiator brackets made in Germany

Snap-fit brackets SKW-V for panel radiators with hanging loops

Snap-fit brackets SKW-V for all multi-row panel radiators with hanging loops

  • Benefits

    • Simple to install without having to unscrew or loosen the upper bracket
    • Short installation time
    • Depth-adjustable for uneven walls
    • Anti-lifting and misalignment protection through locking screw
    • Easy to dismantle by simply lifting out the radiator
    • High performance values
  • Product features

    • Galvanised metal parts
    • Sound-absorbent
  • Accessories

    • Bridging blocks
  • Measurements and details

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Max. load F1 [N]Max. load F2 [N]Packaging unit [kit]OrdernumberType
1500400110-353300-678SKW-V BH 300
1500400110-353400-13SKW-V BH 400
1500400110-353400-678SKW-V BH 400
1500400110-353500-13SKW-V BH 500
1500400110-353500-678SKW-V BH 500
1500400110-353600-13SKW-V BH 550
1500400110-353600-678SKW-V BH 600
1500400110-353700-13SKW-V BH 700
1500400110-353700-678SKW-V BH 700
1500400110-353900-13SKW-V BH 900
1500400110-353900-678SKW-V BH 900
1500400110-353950-13SKW-V BH 950