Radiator brackets made in Germany

Stable brackets for panels with hanging loops

Stable brackets for radiators with hanging loops, recommended for use in public buildings

  • Benefits

    • Height- and depth-adjustable brackets
    • Large wall contact
    • High performance values due to solid material construction
    • Simple to install
    • Can be installed at 180 degree angle as anti-lifting protection
  • Product features

    • Galvanised metal parts
    • Sound-insulated
    • Adjustable wall distance (see measurements A)
    • Stable screw plate
    • 10-5330 and 10-5340 varnished in white
  • Measurements and details

    See price list in the download area
Max. load F1 [N]Max. load F2 [N]F1+F2 measured for L [mm]Measurement A [mm]Packaging unit [pieces]WeightOrdernumber
11003505040-5010023.2 kg/Packaging unit10-531-55
80035012083-12810031.4 kg/Packaging unit10-531-85
11003507050-7010017.86 kg/Packaging unit10-533
11003507050-7010017.4 kg/Packaging unit10-5330
10003509070-9010022.0 kg/Packaging unit10-534
10003509070-9010022.16 kg/Packaging unit10-5340