Radiator brackets made in Germany
Standpipes for the Standfix system

Standpipes for the Standfix system

Standfix standpipes Standpipes for installing the stand brackets for Standfix components, right-angle pipe 35 x 10 mm, powder-coated in white.

  • Product features

    • Right-angle pipe 35x10mm
    • Powder-coated in white
    • Threaded holes to install window sill supports
    • Threaded holes to install steel, cast and tubular radiators from a height of 350mm
  • Measurements and details

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OrdernumberTypeLength [mm]for panel radiators, heightfor tubular radiators, heightPackaging unit [pieces]Weight
10-1-360Standfix360200200100.35 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-460Standfix460300300100.42 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-510Standfix510350350100.48 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-560Standfix560400400100.52 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-610Standfix610450450100.56 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-660Standfix660500500100.628 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-710Standfix710550550100.668 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-760Standfix760600600100.714 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-860Standfix860700700100.814 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-960Standfix960800800100.902 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-1060Standfix1060900900100.99 kg/Packaging unit
10-1-1160Standfix116010001000101.1 kg/Packaging unit